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If you are looking for some day to day, real life adventures of a screenwriter and by chance have not yet stumbled on his blog already, then let me introduce you to David C. Daniel's Screenwriting by Blog. David is really putting it out there and gives you a ring side P.O.V. on the daily challenges, victories and near-misses of getting a polished spec script into the hands of the right person -- along with some lessons learned from some of the not-so-right people out there.

Final Draft or Movie Magic Screenwriter

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Craig Mazin, over at the The Artful Writer says "Adios" to Final Draft as he has just switched to using Movie Magic Screenwriter, and he sums up his reasons why. I've never used Movie Magic and I'm still using Final Draft 6, but I can definitely relate to his sentiments regarding FD's customer/tech support -- pretty dismal.
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