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Couldn't sleep until I finished what I had set out to do -- a 3 column template. Now I'm done messing around and can get on with the blog.

Deep Time?

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A streaming video I ran into while looking for examples of proper ways to embed Quicktime movies in pure XHTML. However, this one is still using the officially bogus EMBED tag. Not pure.

Update: I just found a recently updated (04-29-05) copy of Apple's HTML Scripting Guide for QuickTime. According to them, you can't get away from using the EMBED tag because of IE.

Deep Time? (revisited)

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While I never intended for this blog to become a geeky "How-to," I did think it only fair to share some of my research of the past few days as I've made attempts to learn the "right way" to embed various kinds of media into a web page. It is difficult as hell to find "the way."

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