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(Note:  As this is an old post, several of the external links are no longer operative or point the same content they did in 2005)

Didn't really mean to completely abandon this blog, but last year things got really busy for a while and I got out of the habit of posting. When I did feel like posting it was about stuff that didn't really seem to fit here.

So recently I created a new blog called Buddha Fish. That one is sort of around more "real" stuff, at least more so than this one.

I also moved my old Oblique Strategies page to a blog format on Blogger. That thing has had a lot of traffic for 11 years now, and I think I should have moved it a lot sooner. It's not really a blog, since the point is to be able to reach the virtual "deck" of oblique aphorisms, but the format allows for comments and having traffic checked by all these blog directories and stuff.

Anyhow, this leaves me with two blogs to keep up. Or not.

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