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I'm Back, Sorta

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Didn't really mean to completely abandon this blog, but last year things got really busy for a while and I got out of the habit of posting. When I did feel like posting it was about stuff that didn't really seem to fit here.

So recently I created a new blog called Buddha Fish. That one is sort of around more "real" stuff, at least more so than this one.

Cartoon Music (Liszt)

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Not movie music, maybe, but definitely cartoon music.

Tonight I was driving down a dark country road when Franz Liszt's Hungarian Rhapsody #2 came on the radio. That's a classic that—I have no doubt whatsoever— I was introduced to by way of cartoons. It starts off so somber in tone, but by the end you feel like running around like a nut—like a kid. Every phrase of that piece has appeared in a cartoon in contexts ranging from funeral marches to bullfights to French Can-Can girls raising their skirts.

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