So Long, Nabu

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Nabu the jumper fish

Apparently it was destined to happen. This morning (or sometime since yesterday's daylight) we lost Nabu, our favorite Koi in the Buddha Pond. We have no way of knowing for sure, so I say "he" and my wife says "she," but he was known to be a jumper and now he's made his final big jump.

He's done that three times in the past, but always managed to luck out by having one of us just happen to go outside in enough time to find him and put him back in the pond. He was exactly 18 inches long, but Koi never look nearly as big in the water as they do out of it. The first time I was taken by complete surprise. I even found myself just staring at him for several long igno-seconds wondering, "Where did that big fish come from?" I thought it was too late when I put him back in the pond and he just floated. But after about 10 or 15 minutes of motoring him around by hand, like a child playing with a submarine toy in the bathtub, he made a full recover. We really thought he was a goner the second time, as it took nearly a solid hour of submarine play to revive him. We must have spotted him right away the third time, as he commenced swimming on contact with the water.

No such luck this time. This morning I found him nearly three feet from the pond and, well, obviously long gone. He joins WhiteStar, C3PO, Coolio and Mandingo in the garden. We lost them three years ago after a brutal storm knocked out our power for 36 hours, leaving us no way to keep the pumps running to oxygenate the water. Dreamcicle was the only survivor of that storm, and she's still in the pond, along with Keybo and Blue. I can't say for certain, but they appear to notice the loss. They seem to be swimming around in a sort of circular search party. No offense to them, but Nabu was definitely the prettiest Koi in the pond, and the second prettiest we ever had, after jet-black Mandingo.

Thankfully, we've got movies. Nabu was the star of Buddha Fish, a story book and DVD I made for my two-year old nephew, Jackson, this past Christmas. Jackson may be coming to visit the Buddha Fish this summer, and we were hoping he could make it before this happened.

So long, Nabu. You will be missed.

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