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... but I won't tell it all here. Here's the short version:

Early last August I was on the road, along with the Carbon Harbor Orchestra. A terrible accident occurred. Lost a few members of the orchestra. I survived, but deep, terrible depression ensued. I couldn't do shit. Pretty useless, really.

Then Katrina happened. Yes, a God awful event for millions of people, but, for me and the orchestra, it resulted in a fortunate twist of fate.

We are now working on the score of I CAN'T SLEEP, a movie directed by Nick Faust, and written by Nick and Joe Goodrich, who also stars in the movie.

Initial signs and feedback would seem to indicate we are on the right track. That's key, because it opens the door to our also getting the gig for another and current project being done by the same team.

Screenwriting has been and will continue to be taking a back seat for a while, but I and the Carbon Harbor Orchestra couldn't be more thrilled.

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