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2.0 (?)

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Recently, on various occassions, I have had the idea of re-booting this blog into a different format.

Oh, I'd keep the blog part, for general blogging, but mainly change the format of the Carbon Harbor specific stuff. It's been percolating in my head again, along with many changes. So, I'm thinking of ripping out all the posts I have on Carbon Harbor and the music, using that as my backstory reference, and then re-introducing the story as something of an episodic novel.

Something like that.

Cartoon Music (Liszt)

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Not movie music, maybe, but definitely cartoon music.

Tonight I was driving down a dark country road when Franz Liszt's Hungarian Rhapsody #2 came on the radio. That's a classic that—I have no doubt whatsoever— I was introduced to by way of cartoons. It starts off so somber in tone, but by the end you feel like running around like a nut—like a kid. Every phrase of that piece has appeared in a cartoon in contexts ranging from funeral marches to bullfights to French Can-Can girls raising their skirts.

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