Getting Launched? (again)

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I don't intend to make this site about Drupal or site-building in general, but that's where I am now.  In order to blog about anything on this particular site, I have to finish building the site.

Yesterday I was checking the logs and spotted a "page not found" because someone had come in on "".  That definitely came in from some reference—Google, maybe?—to the old blog. The outside link was bad, but it came to the to the right place; the content is still here, but the link is no outdated and no longer good.

So I decided to work on error pages, such as 403 (forbidden/access denied) & 404 (page not found) responses.  That's a first step; I wanted to customize those errors, the 404 in particular, but also the 403 because I see a few of those in the log as well.

That's a good first step, to handle the errors, but the next step is to handle some redirects, since I still have the archive of the old blog, and have a pretty good idea what the old links used to be, and how to handle those and redirect them to the current (same) content on the rebooted site.

I'm about cooked now, so I think I'll finish this post tomorrow...


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